Blank Atlas

+ What Will Be

Millie Milner and The Deadnames


Bristol based Alt Rock trio, Blank Atlas release another hard hitting single, Eat Thy

Neighbour which is fuelled by riffs that are reminiscent of bands such as Arcane Roots,

Architects and Biffy Clyro. The lyrical content of the song also explores the frustrations of

being in a de-realised headspace, how relentless these harmful thoughts can be and how

tiring suffering from derealisation is.

Blank Atlas consists of twin brothers, Tom (Drums/Vocals) and Dan (Guitar/Vocals) Thould,

and Chris Simpson (Bass/Vocals). They met in school and have been playing together since

they were 15 meaning they’ve been in bands together for over 10 years, gigging relentlessly

across the country since their formation sharing the stages with bands such as Holding

Absence, Salem, Fatherson, Puppy, Dream State and many more.


Retro 78 Sackville St
Manchester M1 3NJ