Death Pill

When singer/guitarist Mariana was contemplating her future, and what she actually wanted to do and to be, her answer to herself was to be in a punk band. The result is Death Pill, the Ukraine hardcore punk power trio, and they are now set to unleash their self-titled debut album.

Death Pill – Death Pill (New Heavy Sounds)

Release Date: Out Now

Words: Jools Green

“You are a 20-year-old girl,” Mariana says. “Society constantly puts pressure on you. You should find a nice husband, have children, and at the same time build a successful career. But no one asks what do you really want. What are exactly your interests and ambitions?”

Mariana decided she “could create a female non-commercial band, play heavy, high-quality music, and ignite the crowd. After all, rock is not only about brutal men with long curly hair, right?”

Developing the idea with Anastasiya, the drummer, they were joined eventually by the right bassist Nataliia, and getting someone on the same page proved challenging. Releasing an EP in 2018, proving, as many females before have also done, that it’s no longer a solely male domain, but it’s a little more complex for them given their location. Not that they’ve been put off, even though the odds have been repeatedly stacked against them.


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