IDK ABOUT DANDY : An Unofficial Fever Ray Afterparty

Calling all Radical Romantics: on Friday March 1st 2024, the queer electronic pop icon Fever Ray descends upon Manchester – and we’re throwing a party to celebrate!

Join your Zaddy Bears at the iconic Retro Bar for hours of the best tunes from Karin Dreijer’s back catalogue, from their solo work to The Knife (of course), to collabs with Royksopp, banging remixes, and more.
We’re giving you the queer indie disco you remember, mixing in favourites from yesteryear like Hot Chip, CSS, Le Tigre, and Ladyhawke… but we won’t forget a whole bunch of our weird and wonderful Dandy favourites too.

Take the Plunge and join us for a trip To the Moon and Back. Dandy is the LGBTQ+ dance party for the beautiful brutes, the sensual sissies, the Muscle Marys, the losers, the loners, and the fabulous freaks. Every body, every face, and every soul deserves a dance floor to be freeeee and do what ya want to do!


Retro 78 Sackville St
Manchester M1 3NJ