Kalyna Rakel


Xander Cameron

Ellis Johnson

Matt Mullan


Canadian duo Kalyna Rakel and Dan Gurman have been waiting and preparing to hit the road and are excited to announce their UK tour!

Kalyna will be singin’ and wailin’ out her songs with distorted guitar and stompin’ on drums, while Dan will be messin’ around on whatever instrument he feels inspired to play – be it slide guitar, banjo, pedal steel? They’re not afraid to put it all down and play an acoustic song stripped down and straight from the heart. 

They have recorded a lot from home this past year during covid, and are excited to share these songs live with you for the first time. You can find the new music on Bandcamp: kalynarakelmusic.bandcamp.com




Retro / This Charming Naan 78 Sackville St
Manchester M1 3NJ